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Never spend your time planing a cleaning again, we handle it for you.

  1. Input size in square meters of your property

  2. Choose the date and time for the cleaning

  3. Pay online with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal


What we do better

We are a cleaning service for Airbnb hosts and rentals. We are specialist at dealing with the usual mess that guests leave behind.

Just share your Airbnb Calendar with us and we’ll do the rest.

Click here to learn how to share your Airbnb Calendar.

Buenbnb airbnb cleaning
Buenbnb cleaning living room

Why Buenbnb

  1. We manage all the planning for cleaning activities

  2. We bring all cleaning chemicals needed

  3. We help you source toiletries

  4. Access to a reliable network of services for your guests

  5. All payments are online

  6. Fast and reliable customer support

fully servING Playa del CarmeN. More cities coming soon.

All our prices are in Mexican Pesos.


Feel free to say:

“Dear guest,

please be dirty.”

Buenbnb towel clean

Don’t just take our word for it