Less time cleaning, more time enjoying

We take care of the cleaning in your property, for family homes and rental properties starting from 350 pesos in Playa del Carmen

  1. Book the cleaning online

  2. We send you an email confirmation

  3. Pay online

  4. We will be there the day and time you choose

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What and how we clean:

  • We clean thoroughly all areas of your property

  • We remove grime and limescale from sinks and shower heads

  • We tidy up and stage your spaces for guests

  • We bring all cleaning chemicals needed

  • If you have a dryer, we also do the laundry

What we do better

We provide on-demand cleaning services for properties and Airbnbs.

In case your Airbnb is constantly booked, you can share with us your property’s calendar and we take care of the cleaning without you investing time booking again.

Click here to learn how to share your Airbnb Calendar.

Buenbnb airbnb cleaning
Buenbnb cleaning living room

Why Buenbnb

  1. We manage all the planning for cleaning activities

  2. We bring all cleaning chemicals needed

  3. We help you source toiletries for your guests

  4. All payments are online

  5. Fast and reliable customer support

fully servING Playa del CarmeN. More cities coming soon.

All our prices are in Mexican Pesos.