The true cost of randomness in the cleaning of your airbnb

The true cost of randomness in the cleaning of your airbnb

A case study of your rental operations

So let's say you have a rental property and you organize the cleaning yourself. Chances are, you bought the property as an investment but want to keep costs low, which is why you manage it yourself. How much is that really costing you?

Managing the cleaning

Let's explore a case, let's assume you got in a 4 different bookings for your property in a month. Because you only own one property, you don't hire a person full time as you don't have the volume in bookings to afford it.

In average, you use 1-3 hours spread across a week organizing the cleaning for your airbnb, during that process you message other property owners to see who they work with and then search multiple individuals who do cleaning, make a list and then start contacting them.

You ask each for their rate (if you didn't know them before) and what's their schedule like (chances are that none of them uses a calendar app) and try to understand if you could trust that this person will do a good job (in case it didn't came recommended).

From just managing to micromanaging

Now, let's say you have gaps of 1-4 days between each booking, you will be trying to fit each individual on those gaps, so for your first guests, you compare between 3 individuals who could do the cleaning, Cleaner A says that he can come right after the check out for 350 pesos, the other two says that they could either 1 or 2 days after, Cleaner B for 300 and Cleaner C for 250 pesos. So because you have three options for the cleaning and the check out is in 2 days, you book Cleaner C.

When “good” luck becomes less good

Next day, at 10pm, less than 14 hours for the check out, suddenly, luck strikes you! A new guests books right after the first guest! How lucky you are, Ain't you? Maybe not so much, as now you have to call the person you booked to do the cleaning and change the cleaning day to be immediately after your first guest in 14 hours, as you have 3 hours of overlap between guests.

Cleaner C replies:

“I’m not sure, I’ll be busy that day, but I might be able”.
— Cleaner C

At this point you can roll the dice and hope that the "I might be able" transform to "Yeah sure" the day of the cleaning or be realistic and hope for the worse and book someone else. By the way, remember also that at this point you are also on pressure to figure a way to solve this problem.

So, let's assume you took the safer route and call the Cleaner A who said that could come in right after the check out, but as luck might have it... doesn't answer the phone, no responses to your message in whatsapp. By now, it's midnight and you have now less than 12 hours to solve this problem. We hope the stress you are feeling is not too high.

The randomness of individuals

But luck have another surprise! Today, the day of the check out, you wake up at 8am with multiple messages and all from a single source "Condominium" and one of the message reads:

Your guests had a party and loud noise till 3am in the morning, please control the guests better
— Condominium

Nice! at least you didn't got a fine, but what you might get is a real mess in the flat.

But now you are extra worried, you again start messaging multiple people, all either booked or not responding. But hey! luck comes your way again! The Cleaner A now responds:

Yeah sure, I’ll be there
— Cleaner A

GREAT! It just took you at least 12 hours worrying and constant messaging to micromanage a single cleaning! such a good trade, don't you think?

Now it's 12pm, the guest left. You message Cleaner A

how’s the flat?
— You

And the person answer with pictures

The problem of non-consistency

It's not quite an incredible mess but it will take some work, oh but it gets better. The person writes

Do you have cleaning liquid for the floors and dishes?
— Cleaner A

Lucky you! You don’t have any, so now the person has to go and buy it, so at least 30 minutes more are lost in the process.

Now it's 3pm and the new guests arrive, you write them to please just leave the bags and wait a little and because you are lucky, they agree. Now you rest a little. At 4pm, Cleaner A writes:

Done, where can I collect the payment? I don’t have a bank account
— Cleaner A

How hard it can be to pay cash when you are traveling or in another part of the town, right?

You call a few friends until one agrees to do it and now you have to invest time planing where and when they meet! Amazing!

Just minutes after, you get a message from the new guests

The showers are quite dirty and the sinks are clogged with hairs
— Guests

So you write back to the person to claim that the work was not done properly, just to receive as answer:

I didn’t know that was needed, it will cost you 100 pesos more
— Cleaner A

Now you may feel scammed... or you feel it's ok for this occasion but will not called this person again, which means that for the next cleaning you will go through all the mess, maybe less or maybe more as that's how randomness works. It has been part of the whole process from day one and it’s something you can avoid by hiring a cleaning company to take care of the process.

Look, we are a cleaning company and yes, we want to have as a client, but that’s not really the purpose of this post. We want you remember in detail all those times when cleaning took you not just 1-3 hours a week to plan but instead took a buckload of stress and effort in micromanaging. We recommend you to take a cleaning company, as that will seriously reduce the amount of work you need to do around your rental.

How much does outsourced cleaning costs you

You might think that 300 pesos per cleaning is cheap, and you would be right, if you are talking about price, but think in terms of cost, it’s not the case at all.

In our experience, the average property owner time has a value between US$80 to US$500 per hour, so if you factor in the hours you spend micromanaging, it's not just 300 pesos (US$15), the cost end up being at minimum US$95, so not cheap at all plus all the stress and anxiety that comes from it and the bad reviews that could permanently damage your rental.

But what if I tell you, that cleaning actually doesn’t cost you anything? If you use Airbnb, you can charge a cleaning fee which covers any cleaning expenses, so in reality, cleaning can be paid by the guests.

Let us or any other cleaning company help you, don't waste your time and mental health managing the cleaning.

What you think?

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